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TangSheng, focus on providing OEM custom metal parts. material like ADC10, ADC12, A356, alsi7mg, alsi10mg, etc.Professional engineers will do suitable mold design and offer for every case according your sample or drawing. 

Good quality and timely shipping help establishing strong business relationship with customers from indoor and outdoor furniture industry, bathroom industry, shading industry, tools industry, textile machinery, etc.   

Besides castings, machining and assembly work is welcomed, Also surface treatment such as spraying, oxidation, passivation, etc. 

We are in Ningbo, China famous exporting city, neighbor of Shanghai, with convenient air and sea shipping.


                  what we could do for customer


Drawing checking

(According different part structure and requirements, we'll make suitable mold design.)

Profession engineer team will do suitable casting system for your parts. Part drawing in PDF, STP, IGES,X_T is welcome to analysis. If no drawing, pls support sample or idea.

               mold and processing

different types of die casting machine

Casting aluminum,zinc parts(die castings, low pressure die casting, gravity casting)

Following are material type we are in using: 

Aluminum Alloy Equivalent Alloys or dose sub strtutes
ANSI AA BS1490 DIN1725/2 JIS
American 413.2 413.2 LM6 GD-ALSi12
American A360 A360.1 LM9
American A380 A380.0 LM24 GD-AISi8Cu3 ADC10
American 384 384

Japanese ADC12 383.0/384.0

German GD-AISi9Cu3
German GD-AISi12(Cu) A413.0 LM20 GD-AISi12(Cu) ADC1

Grade Code
AlSi7Mg ZL101 AlSi7Mg AC4C ENAC-42100 AlSi7Mg LM25 3599 356
ZAlSi7MgA ZL101A AlSi7Mg AC4CH ENAC-42100 AlSi7Mg(3.2371) 2L99 8024 A356.0
ZAlSi12 ZL102 AlSi12 AC3A ENAC-44100 AlSi12(3.2581) LM6 4514 413.0 b413.0
ZAlSi9Mg ZL104 AlSi10Mg AC4A ENAC-43300 AlSi9Mg(3.2373) LM9 3051 360
ZAlSi7Cu4 ZL107 AlSi6Cu4 AC2B ENAC-45000 AlSi6Cu4(3.2151) LM21 25294 319
ZL302 ZL6 A05140 AC7A / AlMg6/AlMg3 / / 514

experienced workers do castings

Different coating of surface treatment

Tang Sheng maintains European surface coating level for all customer' parts that need to be coated. Our closed matching production line includes pre-washing, drying, primer, topcoat and curing stations. We use internationally-standard powders to ensure the quality of the coating. These powders meet the standards of national environmental protection requirements and have relevant qualification certifications by our government. And sharing stable and long anti-ultraviolet, sun-protection, anti-corrosion and other functions, and we can protect section to avoid spraying the color. Coating type could be power coating, painting, chrome, alodine, anodize, etc. 

electroplating process

final surface coating

different surface coating choose

Even part is small, we also do 100% final inspection

final QC and packing

Other needs, like machining, inspection, assembly

Second machining choose: cnc centers,driller, Lathe, milling machine, etc. Tangsheng can provide reliable precision for necessary machining with a minimum tolerance of 0.02mm.Tanghsheng's experienced and mature team fully considers the tolerance, flatness, smoothness, positions, parallelism and verticality of the parts to meet the assembly requirements.

precision CNC machining

We provide customers with various types of mechanical assembly and various sub-assembly services too. We have extensive experience in assembling hardware (including screws, studs, pins and plugs). The installation of gaskets and O-rings includes continuity and tightness testing to ensure that performance specifications are achieved.


Valuable you won't miss:

EU standard material

All material are EU standard or national ISO standard, keep strict from material


Precision mold

Precision mold and suitable mold design, mold life sharing 80,000shots-100,000shots.


Reasonable price

Combine product requirements, make specific analysis quotations, and give suitable production design for parts.


Full Steps checking

Keeping good checking from casting to final machined parts, inspection is for whole steps.


Various Surface Treatment  

plating, polish, heat treatment, nickel, zinc plating, silver, chrome plating, can meet your unique demand.


High Precision   

Second machining equipment to ensure normal accuracy.


Perfect matching

With perfect matching for some steps, like machining, coating, etc. To meet different parts' needs.


Timely delivery

Mold and sample is 40-45days, mass keep 20-35 days (basing on per exact order quantity)

Our engineers welcome any technical discussion, pls feel free to contact us:

86 138 5741 8437 wechat/phone/ whatsapp/skype             email:  [email protected] 

safe packing

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